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My counselling journey

One of our clients wanted to share their experience of counselling. They said that, the first time they sat in the room, waiting for their counsellor, they were anxious and doubtful that it would work. But now they know it can get better, so they wrote this to share with other people approaching counselling for the first time.

I wanted to share how I once felt coming through that door for the first time. To let you know that things can absolutely get better, all you have to do is believe, that might sound simple to some people, but right now, how you’re probably feeling, it’s far from it, I know. I didn’t believe talking to anyone would make a difference, not really, but what did I have to lose? Nothing.

I was already struggling with everyday tasks, making what should have been easy decisions was anything but. I wasn’t sleeping well, my relationships, my work and my health were all being effected by how I was feeling. I was drowning, I couldn’t cope. I lost all confidence in myself. With every fibre of my being, I wanted it, needed it to STOP!

Something had to change.

And it did. I came to Hope. I talked it all out over a period of time. I came to realise that I didn’t need to think anything about anything. Thoughts are just thoughts, they can’t hurt me. I slowly began to see that I was feeling more comfortable, more at ease talking, knowing I wasn’t being judged. I began to find a new me, a more positive me. I began to believe that I mattered, I know I’m loved and feel so much more confident and stronger knowing I’ve turned a massive corner. Yes, I still have downs, but there will always be ups to follow – just keep going, you’ve made it through the door, that truly is the hardest part. You absolutely will get there, there is, and there always will be Hope. Knowing that gives me great peace of mind, knowing you have someone to talk to whenever you need to, no matter how long your journey takes, just have faith and believe in yourself – you are so worth it.

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