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Talking Hope 

A positive look into mental health and wellbeing in the Highlands- Juliette Garrett and Carrie Kirkegaard from Lochaber Hope are bringing the latest news from the community and chatting to the people who help hold us up!

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Episode 01

In this episode we are speaking to Alyson Smith, the founder and Executive Manger of Lochaber Hope. Find out how it all began, what keeps us going and what exciting projects we have coming up!

Episode 02

In this episode we are speaking to SWAN Autism - Scotland. Finding out a bit about SWAN and where it all started. We will discuss what barriers women with autism might be facing and what links there might be between women with Autism and Mental Health.

Find out what projects Swan have coming up! 

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Episode 03

Join us with our special guest Sharyn Morgan from Change Mental Health!

Learn about their social prescribing service, find out what support is available and what projects Change has coming up.

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Episode 04

In this episode we are joined by Sal Mercer our special guest from Crocus Highland. 
Crocus Highland is a bereavement support service for children and young people living in the Highlands.

Learn about the services that they offer and get some valuable insights into such a crucial yet rarely spoken about topic. 

Website: ⁠Crocus Highland⁠
Phone: 01463 714 568
Email: ⁠⁠

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Episode 05

In this episode, we are joined by Simon Abberley, Business Development and Sustainability Manager of Nevis Radio, to find out more about the station and its incredible work.

Based in Fort William, Scotland, Nevis Radio and its dedicated volunteers support local charities, nurture new radio talent through partnerships with local schools and colleges, and provide a vital media platform for the community. We'll dive into their journey, the challenges they've faced, and the impact they've made.

If you want to find out more about how you can get involved email the team at ⁠⁠. Tune in to learn more about Nevis Radio's incredible work and community impact.

Website: ⁠Nevis Radio

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