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Everything you need to know about counselling at Lochaber Hope

These are the most frequently asked questions about counselling. If you want to know anything else, just get in touch.

I don’t want anyone to know that I’m having counselling – who will you tell?

We take confidentiality extremely seriously. We will ask you to confirm the best way to contact you, and we won’t even greet you in the street if this is likely to put you in an awkward position. We will ask you which surgery you are registered with just in case there is a medical emergency but, otherwise, will not contact your doctor.

All sessions will be conducted in strictest confidence and this confidence will be maintained except in the following instances:

  • Where the client gives consent for the confidence to be broken.

  • Where the counsellor is compelled by a court of law.

  • Where the information ‘is of such gravity that confidentiality cannot be maintained’ i.e. In cases of fraud and crime and where there is a case of possible or actual physical harm to either the client or others involved

In any case, we would discuss breaking confidence with you before doing so.

Can I talk to other people about what goes on during counselling?

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