Lochaber Hope

Truly, the Community Helping the Community

Lochaber Hope offers hope - we provide a service that supports people in Lochaber to cope with a wide range of sensitive and personal issues.

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About Us

Born out of the needs of local people, Lochaber Hope was formed in November 2005 recognising that there was no local service that was open to the whole community, regardless of any criteria or need.

Hope is a person centred organisation, we believe that everyone has the ability within themselves to reach their own potential; staff and volunteers work and learn closely together to make this an attractive choice; a safe, inspiring, positive environment to allow people to safely explore strengths and barriers.


We provide 4 main services: 






Get in Touch

How can we help?  If we can't assist directly, we'll help you find the answers by pointing you in the right direction.

Call 01397 704836 or complete the form.  All enquiries will be treated discreetly and professionally and in the strictest of confidence*.

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Most people are aware of the term 'counselling', although many are unsure what it actually offers.  Counselling is confidential and non judgemental, and involves talking to someone who is trained to listen to you and allows you time to deal with specific issues in your life. 

Professional, experienced Counsellors are available to work with all ages and issues, daily including weekends and evenings.  We also offer counselling for Couples, Children and Young People.


Lochaber Hope offers Mentor support to individuals, agencies and employers.

Maybe counselling seems too in-depth, but you could use someone to support you while you're struggling.  Maybe you need help with finances, loneliness or looking for a job? 

Our mentors are understanding, caring, patient and discreet; many have been through tough times themselves so understand what it's like to need a helping hand and friendly ear.


We offer a range of training courses to individuals, agencies and employers.

All courses can be tailored to suit your needs and times can vary to fit your training requirements.  


We support unemployed people to enter or re-enter the job market.

We provide employability skills and personal development training, placement and job trial opportunities for customers and support for employers to help manage costly recruitment needs.

Lochaber Hope is still actively providing services to our community; our processes are just a little different for the time being. Our staff and volunteers are working on a blended approch which means we are easing back into face to face aswell as offering the flexibility of online, so we are still here for you, however you may need us.

Our counselling and mentoring sessions are being delivered remotely (via Whatsapp Video or Zoom) or through other preferred and alternative methods that work best for you.

We are here and supporting everyone who needs our services, so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

If you would like to get involved in any of our social, activity or support groups, please contact us!

Our receptionist, Hannah, will be happy to provide you with more details and answer any questions you may have.

We can still be contacted on 01397 704836 or you can visit our Facebook page and see what we have going on there!

 Our private messages are always open.

 Our response times are between 9-5 from Monday to Friday and we aim to get back to you as soon as we can!

We are taking care and doing everything we can not to impose risk to the members of our organisation, whilst still doing all we can for our community.

 If you would like some more information on our contingency plan during the Covid-19 pandemic you can contact us on 01397 704836 or send an email through the contact form above. 

Sending Hope

From Lochaber Hope

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